Survey with Receipt Code – Mcdonalds Survey

Updated with new rewards and prices: Welcome to the official Survey page. The aim of the www.mcdvoice.commcdvoice Customer Satisfaction Survey is to improve the quality norms and service of the Mcdonald’s restaurants.

Enter Your McDonald’s Survey Code.

Enter the 26-digit code in the 6 boxes, below. The Mcdvoice code is printed at the top of your McDonalds receipt. Enter the code in this format (example): 12345-12345-12345-12345-2.



Fill in the McDonald’s Survey for customer satisfaction in just 2 minutes, and you will get a coupon for a free Mcdonald’s Quarter Pounder with cheese, an Egg McMuffin, or a Cash Prize.

You can also share your feedback, complaints and suggestions in the MCDVOICE feedback section below the page.

Start the Survey or Leave Comment

Taking the Survey: What You Need.

Follow the instructions on this page to take the surveys. You will need:

  • A receipt from a recent McDonalds visit.
  • A survey code from the receipt.
  • Internet Access.
  • 5 minutes of your time.

Note: Customers can only complete up to 5 surveys per month, per McDonalds restaurant.

We have also added guides to the current McDonalds promotions, an extensive FAQ section, as well as the McDonalds menu and Breakfast menu with prices.

How do I take the McDVOICE McDonalds survey?

Follow these simple steps to complete the McDVOICE survey:

  1. To begin taking the McDVOICE Survey, visit the official website.
  2. Select your language.
  3. Enter the “McDVOICE Survey Code” printed on your McDonalds receipt.
  4. If you cannot find the survey code, then enter the McDonalds Store Number, KS Number, visiting date, Total Dollar spent, and time and date of visit.  Then click on “Start”.
  5. The questionnaire will begin. You will be asked about the quality of your food, the McDonalds’ service and the attitude and behavior of the staff. Answer the questions truthfully.
  6. After answering all the questions, click on “Submit”.
  7. You will receive a validation code after filling out the survey.
  8. Write the Validation Code down, preferably on your receipt. There should be a space for it at the the top of your receipt. You need the survey code to redeem your coupon at the next visit to McDonalds.
Enter your 26-Digit Survey Code. Then, click on Start.

I Don’t Have a McDonalds Survey Code.

If your receipt does not show a 26-digit survey code at the top of it, then go to, click on the link saying “I do not have a 26-digit code printed on my receipt”, and fill out the Store Number, Date of Visit, KS Number, Time of Visit, Order and Dollar Total. See the image below for reference.

mcdvoice survey code receipt
An example of a McDonalds receipt without a survey code.

McDVOICE Survey Terms and Conditions.

Valid for RestaurantMcDonalds
Receipt Validity Period7 days
Survey Validity Period30 days
Survey LimitMaximum 5 surveys per month
Validation Code Limit1 code per restaurant visit
Survey MediumOnline
  • Customers can complete up to 5 surveys in a calander month, per restaurant.
  • Voucher codes must be redeemed within 30 days of your survey.
  • Customers must be residents of USA or Canada.
  • Customers must be minimum 15 years old.
  • For registration, customers must a valid receipt.
  • Customers must not be employed at, or have been employed by, McDonalds.
  • McDVOICE can suspend the coupon at any time.

Why should I Complete the McDVoice Survey?

McDonalds is always interested in hearing their customers’ feedback on restaurant cleanliness, employee behavior, food quality and their opinion on new menu items. One easy way to gather this information nationally is by compiling survey results.

As a customer, you are encouraged to fill out and submit the McDonalds costumer satisfaction survey by the promise of a free coupon.

What do you get for doing the McDonald’s survey?

Depending on the season, and your location, filling out the McDonalds survey will entitle you to a coupon for either a Buy One Get One (BOGO) Free Quarter Pounder with cheese or an Egg McMuffin. Customers may also enter the sweepstakes, where you can win one of 10 $25 gift cards every week, or one of the $100 cash prizes that are given every month.

See the full list of Survey Rewards here.

What Kind of Questions are on the Survey?

Expect questions about the quality of the food, helpfullness of the service, restaurant cleanliness, etc. It is really very easy. I have added a quick video for you here, that will take you through the Survey process, including a good look on the actual questions: within 7 days code – Does it expire?

Yes, the 26-digit Mcdvoice survey code on your receipt expires after 7 days. You need to complete the survey within 7 days of your visit. You will then get a Validation Code for completing the survey. This validation code is valid for 30 days, so you have 30 days to claim your reward.

What does a valid Mcdvoice Validation Code look like?

The last two digits of the validation code have to match the register number on the receipt. For example, if the receipt says KS02, then the last digit of the validation code is 02. The drive-thru window is usually register number KS13. The validation code is 7 digits. The FIRST five digits of the validation code must add up to a number divisible by 3.

An example of a McdVoice Receipt Survey Code is: 04016-03220-52518-12490-00261-5

An example of a McdVoice Validation Code is: 4281313

SMG Services Terms of Service.

The McDVOICE survey is conducted by SMG Services. You do NOT have to read the Terms to complete the survey. You can read the entire Terms of Services here.

How long is the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey open?

The McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey is typically open for a limited time. The current open period is from March 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023.

Can I take the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey more than once?

You can only take the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey once per receipt. However, you can take the survey multiple times if you have multiple receipts with survey codes. The basic rules is that a user can’t take more than 5 surveys in a month.

What if I have a question about the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey?

If you have a question, complaint or comment about McDonalds, then leave a comment in the comment section below this page, or visit our Contact FAQ page to see how to contact Mcdvoice.

What is the McDonald’s Rewards Program?

The McDonald’s Rewards Program is a loyalty program that allows you to collect points on your purchases and redeem them for free food, beverages, and other surprises from McDonald’s. You can join the program for free by downloading the McDonald’s app and creating an account.

How does the McDonald’s Rewards Program work?

Once you join the McDonald’s Rewards Program, you will start earning points for every dollar you spend on eligible menu items at participating McDonald’s restaurants. You can earn points in the following ways:

  • In-restaurant: Present your 4-digit Drive Thru Code or scan your QR code at the counter or kiosk.
  • Mobile Order & Pay: Earn points automatically when you order through the McDonald’s app.
  • McDelivery®: Earn points when you order through the McDonald’s app or website.

You can redeem your points for free food and beverages, as well as other surprises, such as:

  • Free Big Mac®
  • Free fries
  • Free drinks
  • Free desserts
  • Exclusive coupons and discounts

How to sign up for the McDonald’s Rewards Program.

To sign up for the McDonald’s Rewards Program, you can download the McDonald’s app from the App Store or Google Play. Once you have downloaded the app, open it and create an account. Then, follow the instructions to opt in to the Rewards Program.

What are the McDonald’s Rewards?

The McDonald’s Rewards Program offers a variety of rewards, including:

Free food and beverages: You can redeem your points for free food and beverages, such as the Big Mac®, fries, drinks, and desserts.
Exclusive coupons and discounts: You can also earn exclusive coupons and discounts on McDonald’s food and merchandise.
Donations to charity: You can also donate your points to one of McDonald’s partner charities.

How to redeem McDonald’s Rewards.

To redeem your McDonald’s Rewards, you can use the McDonald’s app or website. Once you have logged into your account, you can browse the available rewards and select the ones you want to redeem. Then, you can either use your points to pay for your order or save them for later.

How to get the most out of the McDonald’s Rewards Program:

  • Order through the McDonald’s app or website as often as possible. You’ll earn points automatically when you do, and you’ll often get exclusive coupons and discounts.
  • Take advantage of the welcome offer. When you first join the McDonald’s Rewards Program, you’ll get a free large fries with a minimum purchase of $1.
  • Keep an eye out for limited-time rewards. McDonald’s often offers limited-time rewards, such as free Happy Meals or free McChicken sandwiches.
  • Donate your points to charity. If you’re not interested in using your points for free food, you can donate them to one of McDonald’s partner charities.

McDonalds Coupons.

What are McDonald’s coupons?

McDonald’s coupons are discounts that can be used to save money on your favorite McDonald’s food and beverages. Coupons can be found in a variety of places, including:

  • The McDonald’s website or app
  • In newspapers and magazines
  • In direct mail
  • On social media
  • From friends and family

How to get McDonald’s coupons.

There are many ways to get McDonald’s coupons. Here are a few of the most popular methods:

  • Sign up for the McDonald’s Rewards Program. The McDonald’s Rewards Program is a free loyalty program that offers members exclusive coupons and discounts.
  • Download the McDonald’s app. The McDonald’s app is a great way to find and redeem coupons. The app also offers exclusive deals and promotions that you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Visit the McDonald’s website. The McDonald’s website often has coupons and discounts that are not available in the app or in stores.
  • Sign up for email alerts. McDonald’s often sends out email alerts with coupons and discounts.
  • Follow McDonald’s on social media. McDonald’s often posts coupons and discounts on its social media channels.

How to redeem McDonald’s coupons.

To redeem a McDonald’s coupon, you can either:

  • Show the coupon to the cashier at the restaurant.
  • Enter the coupon code on the McDonald’s website or app.
  • Scan the coupon barcode at the restaurant.

What can you get for your McDonald’s coupons?

You can get a variety of things for your McDonald’s coupons, including:

Free food and beverages. McDonald’s often offers coupons for free food and beverages, such as the Big Mac, fries, and drinks.
Discounts on food and beverages. McDonald’s also offers coupons for discounts on food and beverages, such as 20% off or buy one get one free.
Exclusive merchandise. McDonald’s sometimes offers coupons for exclusive merchandise, such as t-shirts, hats, and toys.
Donations to charity. McDonald’s also offers coupons that allow you to donate to charity.-

Tips for using McDonald’s coupons:

  • Read the fine print. Make sure you understand the terms and conditions of the coupon before you use it. Some coupons have restrictions, such as a minimum purchase amount or a limited time offer.
  • Stack coupons. You can often stack coupons to get even more savings. For example, you could use a coupon for a free Big Mac with a coupon for a discount on fries.
  • Be patient. Not all coupons are available all the time. If you don’t see the coupon you want right now, keep checking back. McDonald’s often releases new coupons on a regular basis.

Popular McDonald’s Deals and Promotions.

McDonald’s is known for its affordable food and its frequent deals and promotions. Here are some of the most popular McDonald’s deals:

  • $1 $2 $3 Dollar Menu: This menu features a variety of items for just $1, $2, or $3. Some of the most popular items on the $1 $2 $3 Dollar Menu include the McChicken sandwich, the McDouble hamburger, and the small fries.
  • Free Large Fries with a $1 Minimum Purchase: This deal is available through the McDonald’s app. When you sign up for the app and make a purchase of at least $1, you will get a free large fries.
  • 20% Off Any Purchase of $5 or More: This deal is also available through the McDonald’s app. When you make a purchase of $5 or more, you will get 20% off your order.
  • Buy One Get One Free Breakfast Sandwiches: This deal is available on weekdays from 6am to 10:30am. When you buy one breakfast sandwich, you will get another one free.
  • $5 Meal Deal: This deal includes a Big Mac, medium fries, and a medium drink for just $5.

These are just a few of the most popular McDonald’s deals. McDonald’s often releases new deals and promotions, so it’s a good idea to check the McDonald’s app or website regularly to see what’s available.

How to find the best McDonald’s deals.

There are a few ways to find the best McDonald’s deals. Here are a few tips:

  • Sign up for the McDonald’s Rewards Program. The McDonald’s Rewards Program is a free loyalty program that offers members exclusive deals and promotions.
  • Download the McDonald’s app. The McDonald’s app is a great way to find and redeem deals and promotions. The app also offers exclusive deals and promotions that you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Visit the McDonald’s website. The McDonald’s website often has deals and promotions that are not available in the app or in stores.
  • Sign up for email alerts. McDonald’s often sends out email alerts with deals and promotions.
  • Follow McDonald’s on social media. McDonald’s often posts deals and promotions on its social media channels.

How to redeem McDonald’s deals.

To redeem a McDonald’s deal, you can either:

  • Show the deal to the cashier at the restaurant.
  • Enter the deal code on the McDonald’s website or app.
  • Scan the deal barcode at the restaurant.

FAQ – The McDvoice McDonalds Customer Service Survey.

Frequently asked questions about the McdVOice Survey and other promotions:

What is the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey?

The McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey is a survey that McDonald’s customers can take to provide feedback on their recent dining experience. The survey is available online at

How do I take the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey?

To take the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey, you will need your receipt from your most recent visit to McDonald’s. The survey code is located in the middle of your receipt.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your survey code.
  3. Answer the questions on the survey.
  4. When you are finished, you will receive a validation code.

What are the benefits of taking the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey?

There are several benefits to taking the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey. First, you can help McDonald’s improve their products and services by providing your feedback. Second, you can be entered to win a prize. Third, you will receive a validation code that can be redeemed for a free McDonald’s item on your next visit.

What are the questions on the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey?

The questions on the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey vary, but the survey typically consists of questions about various aspects of your dining experience. You may be asked to rate the quality of food, speed of service, cleanliness of the restaurant, and the behavior of the staff. There are also opportunities to provide additional comments and suggestions to elaborate on your feedback.

How long does it take to take the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey?

The McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey typically takes about 5 minutes to complete. The time it takes to complete the McDVoice Survey can vary depending on the number of questions and the complexity of your responses. On average, the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey takes around 5 to 10 minutes to finish the survey.

What if I don’t have my receipt?

If you don’t have your receipt, you can still take the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey. However, you will not be able to enter to win a prize or receive a validation code.

How do I redeem my McDonalds validation code?

To redeem your validation code, you can go to any McDonald’s restaurant and present the code to the cashier. The cashier will then give you the free item that is associated with the code.

What if I have problems with the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey?

If you have problems with the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey, you can contact McDonald’s customer service at 1-800-244-6227.

What are the eligibility criteria for taking the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey?

To be eligible to take the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey, you must:

  • Be a customer of McDonald’s.
  • Have a receipt from a recent visit to McDonald’s.
  • The receipt must have a 26-digit survey code printed on it.
  • You must be at least 15 years old.

What are the different types of prizes that I can win by taking the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey?

The prizes that you can win by taking the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey vary, but they typically include:

  • Free McDonald’s food items
  • McDonald’s gift cards
  • McDonald’s merchandise
  • Sweepstakes entries

After finishing the survey, you’ll receive a validation code, which you can write on your receipt and use to redeem your reward during your next visit.

Can I take the McDVoice Survey on my mobile device?

Yes, the McDvoice Survey is accessible on most mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. You can access the survey website using your device’s web browser and complete it just as you would on a computer.

Is there a minimum age requirement to participate in the McDVoice Survey?

Yes, you must typically be at least 13 years old to participate in the McDVoice Survey. This age requirement may vary by location, so it’s essential to check the specific rules and terms and conditions on the survey website.

Are there any restrictions on the rewards I receive from the McDVoice Survey?

McDonald’s rewards from the survey often come with certain terms and conditions, such as expiration dates and restrictions on when and how they can be used. Make sure to read the details provided on your reward coupon or validation code to understand its limitations. The receipt can be maximum 7 days old when you start the survey. The Validation Code that you receive for completing the survey is valid for 30 days. Customers can only fill out maximum 5 surveys per month.

How can I stay updated on the latest McDonald’s promotions and offers?

To stay informed about McDonald’s promotions, you can:

  • Visit the McDonald’s website: Check the official McDonald’s website ( for the latest promotions and deals in your area.
  • Download the McDonald’s app: McDonald’s often offers exclusive deals and discounts through its mobile app, which you can download from your device’s app store.
  • Subscribe to newsletters: Sign up for McDonald’s newsletters or email updates, where you’ll receive information about upcoming promotions and special offers.

Do McDonald’s promotions vary by location?

Yes, McDonald’s promotions and menu items can vary by location and region. The company may offer region-specific items or limited-time promotions based on local preferences and market trends. It’s a good idea to check with your local McDonald’s restaurant or their website for promotions available in your area.

How can I provide feedback or suggestions regarding McDonald’s promotions and menu items?

You can provide feedback or suggestions about McDonald’s promotions and menu items through the following methods:

  • Customer Service: Contact McDonald’s Customer Service using the provided phone number, email address, or online contact form to share your feedback.
  • Social Media: Engage with McDonald’s on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, where you can leave comments, send direct messages, or participate in discussions about promotions and menu offerings.
  • Local Restaurant Feedback: You can also share your feedback directly with the staff at your local McDonald’s restaurant.

How can I participate in the McDVOICE Survey?

Welcome! To take part in the McDVoice Survey at, you must have a recent McDonald’s receipt with a 26-digit survey code. Enter the Mcdvoice survey code to begin.

The McDonald’s Survey takes just 2 minutes to fill out. The survey is accessible online, making it convenient for customers. Remember that you must begin filling out the survey a maximum 7 days after you receive the receipt, and your validation code for finishing the survey is valid for another 30 days. So, you have 30 days to claim your price after you finish the survey. Also, remember that customers can only fill out maximum 5 surveys per month.

Can I participate in the survey without a receipt?

Unfortunately, you must have a valid and recent McDonald’s receipt containing the survey code to participate. The survey code is necessary to identify the specific restaurant and date of your visit.

Is my feedback anonymous in the McDVoice Survey?

Yes, your feedback is typically anonymous in the McDVOICE Survey. McDonald’s values your privacy and uses your input for statistical purposes and to improve its services. Your personal information is not disclosed in the survey.

How many times can I participate in the McDVoice Survey?

McDonald’s typically allows one survey per receipt. However, you can participate as many times as you like as long as you have valid receipts with unique survey codes.

Can I share my validation code with others or use it multiple times?

No, the validation code you receive upon completing the survey is usually meant for one-time use and is specific to the receipt and survey code combination. It cannot be shared or used more than once.

How can I contact McDonald’s Customer Service for additional assistance or inquiries related to the survey?

If you have any questions, concerns, or need assistance regarding the McDVoice Survey or any other McDonald’s services, you can contact McDonald’s Customer Service through several methods:

  • Phone: McDonald’s often provides a toll-free customer service number on their official website.
  • Email: Look for the customer service email address on McDonald’s official website and send your inquiries via email.
  • Online Contact Form: Visit the McDonald’s official website and find the “Contact Us” or “Customer Service” section, where you may find an online contact form to submit your questions or feedback.
  • Social Media: Many McDonald’s locations maintain active social media accounts, such as Twitter and Facebook, where you can send direct messages or leave comments.

Remember that McDonald’s values its customers’ opinions and strives to provide excellent customer service, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or feedback.

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    1. None of my sandwiches are in my bag.
      I am now back to work. I have called several times and keep getting a fax machine!

    2. we went to Mcdonals the other day and had the most amazing experience! Damen at the cincinnati location gave us the most amazing experience and the beast customer service I have seen ever! hope he gets a rise!

  1. Friday 540 am ordered sausage biscuit with egg . Driving down i75 bite into my sandwich and no egg . ????. Store 10932

  2. Filled out the whole survey only to get NOTHING… IDK maybe it just stopped working but it’s starting to look bad on McDonald’s IMO! Just saying.

  3. This is the worst burger I have ever had there was so much mayonnaise on it nothing would stay on the bun it all fell out all over the place the fry’s were cold I won’t ever eat at this McDonald’s again made a mess all over myself and my truck that now I have to spend money at the car wash to vacuum out my truck

  4. took the mcsurvey, received the 7 digit code, went to a restaurant, was told the code was to supposed to be 4 digits, therefore they would not accept it. The employee’s are only thinking of the app code, which is 4 digits, not the survey code, which is 7 digits. They need to be better informed, but you’ll have to tell them it was from a survey, not the app

  5. There is a new McDonald’s in Springfield MO on W Sunshine. Says store #40762. Receipt’s don’t work with code or without. Please help.

  6. Servicio pésimo en Restaurante de Cataño la empleada salió gritando por la ventana porque no estaba en la ventanilla de pagar cuando procedo a la segunda ventanilla me gritó de que se pagaba en la primera cuando NO había nadie adicional a eso cuando fui a pagar salió con malas actitudes diciendo no había método de pago con ATH creo deberían enseñar a la persona que tenga más carisma para bregar con el publico

  7. I am confused about the McDvoice terms and conditions. For the first time today i received a notice saying I already had completed the maximum allowed 5 surveys for the month. I got on this website to read the T&C’s and they seem contradictory. At the top it states: Maximum 5 surveys per month.

    Directly below that it states: Customers can complete up to 5 surveys in a calender month, per restaurant.

    Then about 2/3 of the way down it states: McDonald’s typically allows one survey per receipt. However, you can participate as many times as you like as long as you have valid receipts with unique survey codes.

    What gives??

    1. There is no way for McDonalds to know how many times you have used the survey, if you use the website from a differnet ip, and not the app. The maximum 5 per month was introduced, as some people were misusing the promotion, by, for example, fishing receipts out of the trash can every day, and doing the survey every day.

  8. McDonald’s is around the corner from my apartment so I go there all the time. The
    service is fast and the staff are friendly.

  9. I just want to say the Newman GA McDonald’s at 3190 E HWY 34 did a great job. I have not been to McDonald’s in years and the workers who took my order were so friendly. The food was fine but everyone we dealt with was so nice. I did not get their names but they were awesome!!

  10. McDonalds Restaurant #12075 Calvert City Ky 42029. Had a Big Breakfast at this store a was promptly waited on and served by Traci . My order was accurately served at my table in. The food was very good. I was very pleased with the entire visit.

  11. I tried to get an apple pie tonight at the drive thru next to Walmarts, at nine something tonight, for doing a survey, the guy taking my order kept getting the numbers wrong. Then he said my code was wrong. It took him 7or 8 time’s. I left. Get someone who can listen and write the numbers correctly next time.Thank You!

  12. Visited your location on 9001 South Pennsylvania in Oklahoma City, Ok, Saturday evening, Sept 16, 2023. When i arrived in the parking lot, both lines of the drive through were full. When I went into the facility, there were several customers placing orders. I thought I would not get out of there for at least 20 minutes. I was wrong. Even though they were extremely busy, i was greeted with a smile, paid for my order and proceeded to sit down and wait for a while. While i waited i noticed every employee was filling orders in very short order. I mean these people were true professionals. Their main concern was to fill the orders as fast as they could and with a smile. I received my order just short of five minutes. These folks deserve a commondation of some sort. My sincere thanks to them. What a great job.

  13. Can’t read everything on my receipt that you are asking for. Keep getting declined from the survey. Can’t give you what I can’t read. Anyways quite a experience at this drive thru took 30 minutes to get a quarter pounder. Just because the restaurant was under staffed. This poor manager was pretty much running the place by herself. I give her credit she never lost her composure. Some customers were swearing at her was crazy. My food was still awesome. All credit going to her.

  14. The 26 numbers on my receipt are not all readable. I put in the numbers 3 times and they were all wrong. I got a message that y’all are not able to continue the survey based on my information. I can not see the numbers. It looks like the printer is not picking up on the ink.

  15. I did the survey, and got my Code 22019-134990-81823-12121-00077-8. I took my receipt to Store #22019 and I was told that I could not get a free sandwich, because I had to buy one to get one free. My receipt states FREE breakfast or lunch sandwich! What is McDonald doing, seems like false advertising to get the public to fill out the survey. What gives with this?

  16. I just went through the drive through and had the best experience I have had a fast food place in years! The older gentleman at the window was fun and friendly. He truly made my day. I would eat there every day for that type of service! Amazing Job!

  17. Just tried the McDonalds peanut butter crunch fleary – basically the cup had a the bottom two thirds vanilla ice cream not mixed and the top third slightly mixed. I was disappointed and doubt if I will order another. No comparison to DQ. really disappointed.

  18. I ordered breakfast inside at 10:20am. They finally called my number (137) at 10:51 and said they had to issue me a refund because they threw away all the breakfast food already. I asked why they threw it away when my order wasn’t fixed and the guy said he didn’t understand it either! Didn’t offer me anything for unconvince for their mistake. Also everyone else in line before and after me got their food.

  19. I can’t use my survey reward it wont let me 1073028908052315431002087 is my code it says no wont do it so I cant get my free sandwich

  20. I went to the McDonalds in Athens TN #4725 and I had a bad experience as I am waiting for my food from the inside as I always go in and order from Kiosk I am not sure if she is just a manager or General Manager she is an African American heavy set girl. As I am waiting she asks her child to come to the back where her and other employees were standing at the drive thru. Well for one that is unsafe and it is against policy I am sure not okay to have any child behind the working area. I have been manager before at a fast food and I am currently manager now this is not okay! Also, when an associate said something to her to correct it which in this case it is okay to speak up the employee said your kids can’t come behind here. The manager must you call her stated I asked them to come back. Well i am sorry ma’m that doesn’t matter she got rude with the older lady working the front that day. And I have had issues with this specific quote unquote manager before but this is first time I have actually complained. I am a regular i go there every paycheck and most of the time I have a wonderful visit but unless she is there she is just rude and loud and doesn’t respect or know how to respect her employees

  21. Visited McDonalds in Weirton, WV very friendly staff, restaurant was very clean and my special request was accompanied with no problem.

  22. I went to McDonald’s store 1474 in Peabody, MA. 01960 on July 23, 2023. I used the drive thru! I ordered a cheeseburger happy meal plain. I got home and the cheeseburger had everything on it. I can’t read the receipt as they need a new ribbon or something to be able to read the receipt. This isn’t the first time this has happened to me at this restaurant. So I paid $5.87 for a happy meal I wasn’t able to eat! Next time I guess I’ll go to Burger King if I want my order right.

  23. A few Mcdonalds sites honor survey validations issued only from their own location. that’s a great inconvenience.

  24. Horrible horrible service. I was handed the wrong order, and when I explained that wasn’t mine, the lady at the window yelled at me and told me it was I had to show her my receipt. When she handed me half of my correct order, explained, I had a meal and your fries. She yelled at me again and told me I had everything I needed. I underlined that I had a two cheeseburger meal on my receipt. She handed me fries after about five minutes of waiting and then slammed the window in my face.

  25. We eat at McD’s almost daily for breakfast and enjoy the staff and food. Here is a helpful suggestion. There were 5 of us at noon. Busy time. We wanted to sit together. An employee was sitting at the only large table in Lee’s Summit, Todd George McD. I know space is limited but wonder if you could find a small space within the prep area for employees to break?? This was a busy time and one employee was taking up a table and the large one at that.
    My receipt is quite faded so couldn’t get the code or store #.

  26. Many of your restaurants are showing poor quality on the print of your receipts. You can’t read numbers to take the surveys. What a waste of time!!!

  27. She never lets me down if I’m having a bad day all I have to is go see Bree at the Jupiter location her smile brighten up my day every time and she’s friendly and respectful!!! She deserves recognition for her service and people skills. Hands down she the best cashier I’ve came across in a long time!!!!

  28. Quick easy food for in the go, sometimes the workers are decent sometimes they are just irritated about doing their job.

  29. After 8am on 5/14/2023 at store #2106 I found drive thru lane extremely busy as the second one was blocked off so I parked and proceeded to go in. All the entrance doors were locked and saw sign on door that said opens at 7 am? Got attention of someone inside who basicly waved me off so got in line for drive thru. After possibly 10 minutes in line someone comes out and unlocks the door and say kiosk only can be used so I stayed in line. NOT VERY CUSTOMER FRIENDLY

  30. Someone better handle this PAPER STRAW situation!!! These drinks are served in plastic cups and lids and somehow cutting back to paper straws are supposed to cut back on plastic use?! I ordered thru the drive thru and literally after 3-5 mins of my straw in the orange juice, it buckled and turned to mush. While driving, I tried to take the lid and wet dripping straw and hold it to the side while drinking and after almost wrecking while trying to see out of the top of cup, decided it wasn’t worth it! And, not to mention the pile of paper straws thrown outside of window outside of drive thru!!! Unbelievable!

  31. I ask for a double hamburger i get a double cheeseburger. Paper straws are garbage. App does not allow me to pick up at drive thru. App says restaurant closed but it is open and vice versa! I bought an item with points. App said item not available after allowing me to select it, removed it from order and yes, you guessed it, points disappeared!

  32. My friend at the Liberia Avenue location in Manassas, Virginia was only given half of their order of chicken nuggets. It’s not the first time someone I know wasn’t given their full order and I’m not sure that I want to go here anymore when I have to worry that I won’t be getting what I paid for.

  33. very rude and disrespectful inpolite workers and rude my chicken sandwitch was burnt to hell and dry as a desert very unhappy and unsatified by this

  34. I order number one with no Canadian bacon it’s showing on the receipt she give me the order with Canadian bacon I explain to lady I order with out bacon can you make me new sandwich she said ok she went insid and she removed the bacon and gave me the same sandwich I find out because I but black pepper on to she don’t give me the same one I went back to her she act like stupid I told her you give me the same sandwich and I told you I need new one she say I don’t know what you mean she know and understand because I am not the first moslem religion eat by them. The date may / 9 /2023 time at 7:24am
    Address 111 E. Tyranena PK RD
    Lake mills wi 53551-0048
    Please there’s camera in store someone should watch and contact me by email

  35. The Cashier Sniper was incredible attentive and she explained everything to me, also the guy giving the orders on the counter, on the McDonalds inside of The D Casino, my Qtr Cheese deluxe was great they saved my night, excellent service 🙂

  36. Good afternoon! How are you doing? I stopped by the McDonald’s located at 1148 Washington Avenue on Monday, May 8th, 2023 around eight o’clock this morning. I had a survey receipt that I was going to use and get a free breakfast sandwich, but was informed that because the receipt had PROMO on it, I couldn’t use. I had added a breakfast burrito to the order along with the free breakfast sandwich. So, needless to say, I was disappointed! Any assistance with this matter would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for the time taken to read this email.

  37. McDonald’s in Ladysmith wi today was horrible, the front line was dirty, meaning the soda machines were disgusting, straws were not filled had to ask for straws cuz they were out, manager seemed like she just wanted to be friends with the employees instead of directing them, it was not busy in there, at this time, there were so many employees in there that it should not have been so dirty. One kid on the line in back making a sandwich was on his phone, I was very unhappy.

  38. The mcdonalds at 1703 Route 228, Cranberry Commons Dr, Pittsburgh PA is absolutely unbelievably poorly run. The stores door was locked, and drive through took 20 min. I left after no service, and went down the street to the Wexford McDonalds, which was filled with STONED/HIGH employees. Took 18 min to get a hamburger at the drive through. No management. McDonalds is a failed company. You can see it at their stores. Worn out, bad service, and overpriced not-so-good food.

  39. This location is terrible. Every weekend my Fiancé and I go to grab breakfast and end up getting the wrong order. It’s a waste of my fuel and money. Employees seem to have an attitude at all times or are playing behind the counter instead of assisting their customers.

  40. I wanted to thank whoever hired Alejandra Serrano She was the customer service rep at the Lebanon rd Mt juliet Tennessee store. She was most kind and caring in helping me woth my family’s order. It’s not everyday that you run into fast food employees that care. I immediately asked her the name of her associates who are both names David!! What a great store you have in this MJ store. Keep up the great hiring.

  41. McDonald’s Restaurant #27884 in Oak Grove, KY has the absolute slowest drive through of any restaurant I’ve visited. They would do 1 vehicle start to finish before taking another vehicles order. I watched 5 vehicles, one by one, place their order drive through a completely empty drive through lane, go up to the window and drive off, only THEN would the employees take the next order. Even with the extended time 3 of the 5 vehicles had to pull over and wait for their food to be ready. I counted 6 vehicles pull up behind me then leave because the wait was so long. I could not wait for my food. Just grabbed my sofa and left.

    I’m not making this up. I bet if you checked the drive thru transactions per hour it is the lowest in the country. It has to be! I could not have been any slower.

  42. Fast service, no attitudes, bush with the excellent customer service. will be back at this location!

  43. Every time I go to McDonald’s the service is always not up to par but tonight I decided to go to the Brandon location McDonald’s and Mariah was absolutely amazing ! From the driver thru to the window her approach was very welcoming that is the kind of service I expect when spending my money at an establishment thank you Mariah for your service I wish all people were like her I appreciate it ! Great job girly

  44. Rude people make rude workers! I get McDonald’s at least 3 times a week but can’t even get a new Big Mac dipping sauce when I’m at the window the guy says ok 27 cents I say no problem give my card and the manager says no they have to go around! Huge line I already waited 15 mins in its rediculas to market sauce that should be an option for my nuggets but can’t because I’m not allowed to pay at window!!!!

  45. The manager is extremely rude and pushes her employees around. They need to be more respectful and have better communication

  46. OMG! Seriously, I have a 4yr old that says that she never wants to come here again! We had to ask for everything. Had to order through the kiosk, and still took way too long to get our order. We weren’t the only people who were disappointed in McDonalds today.

  47. I just left McDonalds on Carlisle St. In Hanover PA. Store number 1967. My experience was terrible. I ordered a steak, egg, & cheese bagel. I ordered the bagel with no egg, no breakfast sauce, and extra onion. at the window, I was given a bacon egg and cheese bagel with egg and breakfast sauce. I told them it was not what I ordered and gave them the receipt. They asked me to pull up and they would fix my sandwich. Someone brought out a new sandwich and went right back inside. When I checked this sandwich, it was a steak bagel but this one has egg and breakfast sauce which I asked to be left off the sandwich. So I had to leave my daughter, alone and locked in the car to go inside and complain a second time. I went back to my car to wait for this 3rd sandwich which then came out with minimal onion even though I asked for extra but I wasn’t going to argue anymore since I already had to leave my daughter unattended in the car. Never once was I even offered coupons for their mistakes. Just given attitude at their mess up.

  48. Bon air Virginia location. Store #10022. My request for buffalo sauce was rudely refused because it “wasn’t lunch time yet”. This happened at 10:21am. 9 minutes before lunch. But even still, I’ve never been refused a sauce before. Even the other patrons in line were shocked at how she spoke to me.

  49. I ordered a cheeseburger with extra pickles and instead I got NO pickles. Also my dad ordered a bacon crispy and got NO bacon or ranch. I love this restaurant but sometimes they have bad service

  50. As a fellow member of a fast food place if your gonna introduce something new to the menu at your stores at least make sure your machines or your staff are doing what there suppose to be doing their jobs and stop saying that y’all don’t do or have certain item or anything of the sort

  51. The Shadle Spokane McDonalds has improved greatly in the last little while. Friendly staff and customers. Kids playing in the play area. Whatever is new, please keep it up.

  52. Just spent over $56.00 at the McDonald’s on Brainard Rd in Hartford Connecticut. Thank you very much for the 4 large fries that were inedible because they weren’t cooked. After waiting 15 minutes. Won’t be back.

  53. I think it would be great if, in larger markets, you would open one dedicated gluten-free McDonald’s restaurant. I think such a restaurant would do very well by serving those with celiac disease, those with gluten allergies, and those who have simply decided to improve their health with a gluten-free lifestyle. If you had just one (or possibly two) such restaurants in cities and with a few hundred thousand residents or more, I think it would pay off.

  54. Do not recommend. Always short staffed and never give the orders right. I understand youngsters need a job but they give so much attitude when trying to get the order right.

  55. Dirty store. Tables dirty. Will give address to what McDonalds just email me. Wont come here again. Its the same every time i come here. And theres also plenty of staff standing around. Its pathetic.

  56. Good afternoon. I just went today 4/9/23 to the MCDONALDS at 10 W Sunrise HWY Valley Stream, NY 11581. I originally ordered 2 fish for $7 -one extra cheese light tartar. When I get my both fish I happened to get them with the bread toasted instead of steamed. I followed to tell the server in the window that I didn’t want the fish because I wanted the bread steamed. They followed to say that the steamer wasn’t working. So I stated I will get 2 Quarter pounder with the coupon of buying one and get the 2nd one for $0.29. But we already had paid $7.00 + $1.39 xtra cheese= $8.39 for the fish after ringing up the quarter pounders with the coupons it would’ve been $5. And change. So they were supposed to give us money back but we never got it back. But one of the managers couldnt understand the concept of the steamed bread and the toasted bread for the fish and he kept on talking in the background using prophany and stating that I was getting the QP toasted why we couldn’t get the fish toasted. That is telling that he was not trained properly as a manager because in fact there is a difference of quality to make the fish bread steamed. I am pretty sure MCD Corp shows the differences of each sandwiches and the quality as to how to assemble the sandwiches, which that was a another problem. Since they were upset because I complaint once we got the 2 QP one of the Quarters was assembled sloppy but we didn’t complaint cause we were upset already which we were not hungry anymore. The manager that took over was very nice and took care of us but in reality he didn’t because in actuallity we paid more than what the QP cost. As you know prices had gone up there is no room for error at time of Quality. Plus the service we got at the beginning was not acceptable. I hope you can understand and resolve this problem so when you customers and I can get our fish bread steamed. Thanking you. Looking forward hearing from you

  57. My wife and I always get the same thing 2 McChickens and 2 McDoubles. My wife’s chicken looked like it had worms in it when brought to employee attention they got manager who told them to tell us it was grissle. Since when does grissle move!!!

  58. I went to the local MCD yesterday to pick up a fish sandwich on my lunch break. (#23787, order 59, @12:54pm) I went through the drive-thru and told the cashier to give me $.50 and put the rest f my change in the Ronald McDonald donation box. The line to get to the pick up window was busy, slow. .I watched for the cashier to put the change in the donation box, but he never did. When I got to the pick up window I told the employee about it…she called to the manager, telling her a customer needed to talk to her…she yelled back “What does she want I’m busy?” The girl called back that the customer has a concern she needed to talk to her. The manager sounding quite annoyed yelled, “ tell her I’ll be there in a minute”. (She should have been aware that the window was open!) When the manager came to the window she curtly asked what I needed. I told her the situation. She slightly rolled her eyes, let out a sigh and said, “ well, sometimes they put the change in their pockets and use it to supplement change if a customer doesn’t have enough and will put the rest in the donation later, but I’ll check on it later.” Then she turned and walked away. I have “paid it forward” before by saying it…this time I specifically said my change was to go into the donation for Ronald McDonald House, but since I cannot be sure that my donation won’t be put where I want it put from now on I won’t be donating. And what about the rest of the change…will the employee ‘forget’ it’s in his pocket and take it home? A simple answer would be to take my change and put it in the box myself, but the whole issue is how often does this happen? Why is the manager dismissive of it? Why is there a collection box at all if all the money intended for the charity is not going there? I left there angry that MY donation was not going where I wanted it to go, and wondering how many other times that happened (as I often said to put my change in the box) and how many times it happened with other people’s money…and HOW MUCH MONEY HAS BEEN DIVERTED, overall, FROM THE CHARITY IN THIS WAY? The whole situation was totally unacceptable!

  59. We revisited this store after a bad experience, and they completely redeemed themselves. The service was great and the food was fresh and tasty! Thank you for making it right and putting out a better quality of food.

  60. Bought a bacon ranch deluxe chicken sandwich, was charged for it but got a chicken sandwich with a little bit of lettuce. Not at all what I ordered.

  61. Need to fix the one drive thru screen been broken for months makes it hard to order since half the menu options aren’t available to see

  62. McDowell and Litchfield store has the most rude morning manager. I’ve watched he treat other people with disrespect. Customer service is awful and the employees seem scared of her and they can’t make a move without her direction which slows everything way down. She refuses to honor any specials as she pleases. Someone needs to supervise her or send her to training frankly I have felt embarrassed for
    Some of the customer because how she treats them. When I forget and go to this store I just cringe when I see her.

  63. since I was a teen , we use to buy hamburgers at 15 cents at Mc Donalds, I love the flavor with pickles!

  64. Can the older McDonald’s in Greenville,Tx please purchase shades for the windows so it isn’t so hard to relax inside. We have asked managers for years to help with this.

  65. Please make this survey Required Reading for all of these Mobile Alabama locations: 2692 Government, 658 Government, 3119 Moffett, 2 Springdale Blvd. I drove to each location to order 1 Med. Hot Mocha and had the following replies – 1) Okay, but get to the window and receive a coffee.??? 2) The machine is broken or 3) The machine didn’t get cleaned last night. Please TAKE THE McCafé’s OFF THE MENU if you aren’t going to satisfy the customer’s request!

  66. Hugo was great on front counter and the manager, tony, I believe was awesome. Shout out to grill team for actually cooking my food to order unlike the McDonald’s I went to this morning who couldn’t seem to get it right.

  67. Today I visited the Anamosa, Iowa McDonalds. At the window had to ask for my soda as they’d forgotten it. Received a cup with a liquid that was the color of week iced tea. No noticeable carbonation either. I reminded the clerk “soda?” Ya was the reply. Also my fries were served with the bag upside down. Happy Valentine’s to me!

  68. Restaurant # 25385 – I go almost every day – Great Manager (Keith) Well trained staff ,good service, correct orders

  69. The McDonald’s in North Haven, Ct is always clean, the food is always good and the people working there are always pleasant and courteous. Especially Claudia and Ines.

  70. My receipt is too faint to read and now your system has me blocked for trying twice with a receipt that cant be read? That is not my fault, please give add ink as needed.

  71. My receipt is too faint to read and now your system has me blocked for trying twice with a receipt that cant be read? That is not my fault, please give add ink as needed.

  72. Handed me drink, lid was not closed when I went take drink spilled all over my pants and hand, as well as in floor. I was being nice about what happened but the lady handing out food drive thru, as I am trying get her attention said WHAT! Handed back to her for new lid, handed back but did not say thank you. This should be addressed for better one & one

  73. Tried to put the code in and it tells me of the boxes has wrong number in it so I try again and tells me the same. I put right numbers in each time but three times it rejected my numbers that came on my slip. Can store put in wrong numbers so you won’t get the buy one get one free. This is first time this has happened

  74. your reciepts from the mc donalds store in palmer ak ar no good you can not read any numbers on them there for your survey is a bunch of b——t and a wast of time trying to take survey so why should i wast my time buying from you people ever again

  75. Just purchased Quarter pounder meal and 4 McNuggets. I got everything but no chicken nuggets. It’s a long way to go to correct after a long day ?. I understand mistakes but it’s a pisser.

  76. My cousins took me to mcDonalds after our our other cousins funeral for a refreshing drink with very little ice, and all we got was 3 cups of ICE VERY LITTLE DRINK!!!!!!!! I will not be going back to your stores thanks for the cup of ICE!!!!

  77. I have been a loyal customer of McDonalds for many years. That ends tonight after hearing about the pure evil that has become McDonalds. Ronald McDonald House in at least Canada has informed deathly ill CHILDREN in residence that they will be thrown out on the street in the cold if they do not get vaccinated. You are MONSTERS! I will make sure that EVERYONE knows just how evil you have become. Hopefully you will be out of business soon. Don’t you understand that when a child is this ill it might actually HARM them to get a vaccine that has caused sometimes severe side effects in adults? But you don’t care do you? Is Satan on your board of directors now because it sure looks that way.

  78. Cashier was very friendly and helpful. However the 2 girls that were supposed to be getting our drinks were busy visiting. This resulted in getting our drinks 10 minutes later. Needless to say the food was cold by then. And the only reason we got our drinks at all was because the cashier realized what was going on and asked them about the drinks and they said they didn’t know anything, while they continued to chat with one another about their boyfriends.was not at all happy with today’s visit

  79. i just want to thank you for my little gift and i go to mcdonalds on camp rd every morning at 6am but came today for dinner for my grandson and us and Samantha was so pleasant at the Camp Road Mcdonalds in Hamburg when i came in today. Thank you

  80. 2 of 3 Mcy D’s ice cream machine was “being cleaned” or not working in the middle of the afternoon and the 3rd location no longer serves hot fudge sundaes!???! VERY discouraging. Not too happy with the company these days.

  81. I was just at the Mcdonalds in Augusta, GA at the Deans Bridge Rd location. I sat in the drive thru for 20 mins and no one took my order or even greeted me. Yes they were busy but everyone else was able to order from the other lane but i was blocked and couldnt get out. I even called the store and asked if they were taking orders at both intercoms i was told yes and i told her i have been sitting her and no one has taken my order. I was hung up on. Very disappointed in this visit no customer service at all

  82. also I did the survey because the manager was rude and not considerate at all I hope someone reads my comment in the survey and talk with the manager.

  83. I went to McDonald to get Breakfast and was told could not use Survey Coupon. This is a Couporat STORE on 68th St in GR MI. IS THIS FALSE ADVERTISEMENT.?

  84. Emily and Noah are doing such a wonderful job at the McDonald’s in Myersville md. Always fast and the coffee is absolutely delicious ? I can’t imagine having a day with no McDonald’s coffee, it’s my world. ?

  85. I just visited mc donalds and I was in line for about 20minutes and I order chicken nuggets and cheeseburger I paid for my food and I got home and I didn’t receive my chicken nuggets. I’m never eating at McDonald’s again because they stole my money. I’m mad

  86. My hamburger I bought from your commerce ave location in Lagrange Georgia served me a raw hamburger! Tried calling their number for the store and no one answered!

  87. I went to a McDonalds today to buy breakfast and was told I could not use my survey coupon because it did not come from that store. I have never and I mean never been told that. I travel and im in a McDonalds ever week. I was so upset I left and went to another McDonalds rt down the road and had no problem. This was the Conover,NC store.

  88. Every time I go to the McDonald’s near my house there is always something wrong with the order or something has been forgotten. Half of the staff is incompetent or just doesn’t care. GET IT TOGETHER!!!!

  89. I left a message on survey but to let you know that after 18mins in line I had coupons for my fish and qtr pounder but would not take them and had to pay 19.56 without job right now that I don’t understand

  90. I went to the mc Donald at 1601 Rinehart Rd Store#28767 the Mgr was not wearing a mask but he was serving food all of the other employees had on masks. When I asked him why he was not wearing a mask he replied I am the manager. The governor had ordered that all who serve food should be wearng a mask. I think this is irresponsible and sends a poor message to its patrons as well as the employees he managers. Please address this issue.

  91. Lady named marcella on the Waverly and grand river store in Lansing was very polite and had a great attitude!!! I wish everyone was as nice as her

  92. Not at all happy with your prices two burgers 1 large ff came to 16.64 R U SERIOUS? To many burger joints to pick from now. And never did get to do your survey could not get on the site.

  93. So I just visit a McDonalds in Roswell road. And they have a free meal for first responders and healthcare workers. So I went to the. McDonald’s and I show my badge then I was ask what kind of healthcare work I am I responded with I’m a Medical Assistant and they said that they don’t except that. ?????

  94. I asked to be contacted and haven’t heard a word. Does one individual customer not matter? What do I have to do to be contacted?

  95. Manitowoc, WI McDonalds are marvelous at getting our orders and the speed they get our food to our car..when this Virus is over, it will be nice to sit inside the restaurant and enjoy our meal..

    1. Just visited McDonald’s in Berwyn Illinois
      Was having a bad day and Dante at the window was so pleasant and positive. He really brightened my day
      It’s refreshing to find people who are happy at their jobs! Thank you Dante…. I’m feeling better

  96. McDonald’s in marked tree Arkansas I know we are in a time in our world where it’s hard to be working with the COVID-19, but I by far have never experienced such worst customer service. I myself run a store so I know what it’s like to have customers and treat them right but the girl in the drive-through tonight at 9:06 PM at the Marked Tree location was the rudest thing I’ve ever encountered in my life. And our entire order was messed up well three out of the four sandwiches we got and we were missing an entire 20 piece, and I can call I want nobody answers the phone

  97. I would not recommend mcdonalds because they are rude and have no respect for their employees because I was in line one day and one of the managers was yelling at one saying get of my clock and that is not right because the employee has Bill’s to pay to like they do that is way I say dont go to the one by the mall because they dont care and it’s the one in mccomb ms

    1. The McDonald’s #24794 need to have training the girls at the cash register can not seem to get a correct order. More food is being return. This is happening on my order an four other just in the 15 minutes I been here. The manager been called over three times so far. This is happening on Saturday morning 9:30 . Would not recommend this place to anyone until they get some training

    1. I was there for breakfast. They didn’t give me no condiments in my food. It was a big hair. I tried to call but nobody answer.

  98. Just visited McDonald’s on grande Avenue, Portland Oregon at 12:30am. My patronage was refused by the employee on staff. I was told very emphatically that no walk up order would be accepted. I was on my bike and in line with the cars to submit my order. I didn’t understand the refusal. I asked the employee if she was certain that she wanted to refuse me patronage and she said, yes!. I biked away. Now, I am am very regular patron of this McDonalds. I have familiarity with the ownership. I was applauded that my patronage was refused in my effort to support a establishment that I’ve supported in the past. My intent is that the employees at all McDonalds under this ownership understand to accept all patrons period!

    1. Just want to say that I love going to your restaurants to enjoy coffee and ice cream overall! Love the food’s prices and prompt service.

    2. Restaurant #3341 in Kennesaw at 2049 North Cobb Pkwy must have an excellent owner manager. The customer service there is outstanding and product is excellent. Long term and new employees are always pleasant and fast. My first job 50 years ago was in fast food and I haven’t seen this consistent excellent service in decades.

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