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Mcdvoice – The online McDonalds Satisfaction Survey.

Take the McDVOICE customer satisfaction survey in 2 minutes, and you well get a coupon for a free Quarter Pounder with cheese, an Egg McMuffin or a Cash Prize.

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Note:  Customers can only complete up to 5 surveys per month, per McDonalds restaurant.

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How do I take the McDVOICE McDonalds survey?

Follow these simple steps to complete the McDVOICE survey:

  1. To begin taking the McDVOICE Survey, visit the official website.
  2. Select your language.
  3. Enter the “McDVOICE Survey Code” printed on your McDonalds receipt.
  4. If you cannot find the survey code, then enter the McDonalds Store Number, KS Number, visiting date, Total Dollar spent, and time and date of visit.  Then click on “Start”.
  5. The questionnaire will begin. You will be asked about the quality of your food, the McDonalds’ service and the attitude and behavior of the staff. Answer the questions truthfully.
  6. After answering all the questions, click on “Submit”.
  7. You will receive a validation code after filling out the survey.
  8. Write the Validation Code down, preferably on your receipt. There should be a space for it at the the top of your receipt. You need the survey code to redeem your coupon at the next visit to McDonalds.
Enter your 26-Digit Survey Code. Then, click on Start.

I Don’t Have a McDonalds Survey Code.

If your receipt does not show a 26-digit survey code at the top of it, then go to, click on the link saying “I do not have a 26-digit code printed on my receipt”, and fill out the Store Number, Date of Visit, KS Number, Time of Visit, Order and Dollar Total. See the image below for reference.

mcdvoice survey code receipt
An example of a McDonalds receipt without a survey code.

McDVOICE Survey Terms and Conditions.

Valid for RestaurantMcDonalds
Receipt Validity Period7 days
Survey Validity Period30 days
Survey LimitMaximum 5 surveys per month
Validation Code Limit1 code per restaurant visit
Survey MediumOnline
  • Customers can complete up to 5 surveys in a calander month, per restaurant.
  • Voucher codes must be redeemed within 30 days of your survey.
  • Customers must be residents of USA or Canada.
  • Customers must be minimum 15 years old.
  • For registration, cusstomers must use last week’s valid receipts.
  • Customers must not be employed at, or have been employed by, McDonalds.
  • McDVOICE can suspend the coupon at any time.

Why should I Complete the McDVoice Survey?

McDonalds is always interested in hearing their customers’ feedback on restaurant cleanliness, employee behavior, food quality and their opinion on new menu items. One easy way to gather this information nationally is by compiling survey results.

As a customer, you are encouraged to fill out and submit the McDonalds costumer satisfaction survey by the promise of a free coupon.

What do you get for doing the McDonald’s survey?

Depending on the season, and your location, filling out the McDonalds survey will entitle you to a coupon for either a Buy One Get One (BOGO) Free Quarter Pounder with cheese or an Egg McMuffin. Customers may also enter the sweepstakes, where you can win one of 10 $25 gift cards every week, or one of the $100 cash prizes that are given every month.

SMG Services Terms of Service.

The McDVOICE survey is conducted by SMG Services. You do NOT have to read the Terms to complete the survey. You can read the entire Terms of Services here.

If you have a question, complaint or comment about McDonalds, then leave a comment in the comment section below this page.

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51 thoughts on “Mcdvoice Survey

  1. Just visited McDonald’s on grande Avenue, Portland Oregon at 12:30am. My patronage was refused by the employee on staff. I was told very emphatically that no walk up order would be accepted. I was on my bike and in line with the cars to submit my order. I didn’t understand the refusal. I asked the employee if she was certain that she wanted to refuse me patronage and she said, yes!. I biked away. Now, I am am very regular patron of this McDonalds. I have familiarity with the ownership. I was applauded that my patronage was refused in my effort to support a establishment that I’ve supported in the past. My intent is that the employees at all McDonalds under this ownership understand to accept all patrons period!

  2. I would not recommend mcdonalds because they are rude and have no respect for their employees because I was in line one day and one of the managers was yelling at one saying get of my clock and that is not right because the employee has Bill’s to pay to like they do that is way I say dont go to the one by the mall because they dont care and it’s the one in mccomb ms

  3. McDonald’s in marked tree Arkansas I know we are in a time in our world where it’s hard to be working with the COVID-19, but I by far have never experienced such worst customer service. I myself run a store so I know what it’s like to have customers and treat them right but the girl in the drive-through tonight at 9:06 PM at the Marked Tree location was the rudest thing I’ve ever encountered in my life. And our entire order was messed up well three out of the four sandwiches we got and we were missing an entire 20 piece, and I can call I want nobody answers the phone

  4. Manitowoc, WI McDonalds are marvelous at getting our orders and the speed they get our food to our car..when this Virus is over, it will be nice to sit inside the restaurant and enjoy our meal..

  5. I asked to be contacted and haven’t heard a word. Does one individual customer not matter? What do I have to do to be contacted?

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