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Complete the McDonalds Survey at www.Mcdvoice.com to receive a coupon for a free hamburger, Big Mac, fries or drink, for your time. You can also share your suggestions, feedback and complaints in the comment section, if you want.

The McDVOICE customer satisfaction survey takes just 2 minutes to fill out.You can go ahead and enter your McdVoice recipt code to begin the survey, here:

Enter Your McDonald’s Survey Code.

Enter the 26-digit code in the 6 boxes, below. The Mcdvoice code is printed at the top of your McDonalds receipt. Enter the code in this format (example): 12345-12345-12345-12345-2.



For a detailed guide on how to begin and complete the Mcdvoice survey, please read the following:

Start the McDonalds Survey Now.

  1. Go to https://www.mcdvoice.com/  website.
  2. Enter you 26-Digit Survey Code found on your McDonalds receipt. If you cannot find the Code, click on the blue “If you do not have a 26-digit printed on your receipt, click here” link, and then fill out the store details.
  3. Click on “Start”.
  4. Answer all the questions, with honesty.
  5. After answering all the questions, you will see a Validation Code on the screen.
  6. Write down the Validation Code. If you don’t write it down now, or take a photo of it, your coupon will not be valid.
  7. Present your receipt and the validation code at your nearest McDOnalds restaurant for a free burger, fries, drink or milkshake.
mcdvoice mcdonalds survey
McDVOICE – On the START screen, enter your Survey Code, and click on “Start”.

How to Take the McdVoice Survey – Step-by-Step.

McDonald’s, one of the world’s most recognizable fast-food chains, is renowned not only for its delicious menu items but also for its commitment to customer satisfaction. To ensure they’re meeting their customers’ expectations, McDonald’s offers the McdVoice survey – an opportunity for patrons to provide feedback and potentially win rewards. On this page, we have provided you with a detailed step-by-step guide on how to take the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey, also known as McdVoice.

Step 1: Obtain a Recent McDonald’s Receipt

To participate in the McdVoice survey, you will need a valid and recent McDonald’s receipt. Make sure the receipt contains the necessary information, including the survey code. If your receipt doesn’t have a survey code, you may not be eligible for the survey.

Step 2: Access the McdVoice Survey Website

Open your preferred web browser and go to the official McdVoice survey website. You can easily find this website by conducting a quick internet search or by typing “www.mcdvoice.com” into your browser’s address bar.

Step 3: Choose Your Preferred Language

Upon accessing the website, you will be prompted to select your preferred language for the survey. McDonald’s offers the survey in multiple languages to accommodate a diverse range of customers.

Step 4: Enter the Survey Code

Now, you will need to enter the 26-digit survey code from your receipt. This code is essential as it helps McDonald’s identify the specific restaurant you visited and the date of your visit.


Enter Your McDonald’s Survey Code



Step 5: Start the Survey

After entering the survey code, click on the “Start” or “Next” button to begin the survey. Be prepared to provide honest and thoughtful feedback based on your recent dining experience.

Step 6: Answer Survey Questions

The survey will consist of a series of questions related to your visit to McDonald’s. These questions will cover various aspects, including the quality of food, service, cleanliness, and overall satisfaction. Ensure you provide accurate and honest responses to help McDonald’s improve its services.

Step 7: Rate Your Experience

You will often be asked to rate your experience on a scale, with options like “Highly Satisfied,” “Satisfied,” “Neutral,” “Dissatisfied,” or “Highly Dissatisfied.” Choose the option that best reflects your experience.

Step 8: Provide Additional Comments (Optional)

McDonald’s values detailed feedback. If you have specific comments, suggestions, or concerns, there is usually an open-ended section where you can type in additional comments. Feel free to use this space to provide more context or elaborate on your answers.

Step 9: Receive Validation Code

After completing the survey, you will receive a validation code. This code is your key to unlocking rewards on your next visit to McDonald’s. Write down the code on your receipt or another safe place to redeem your reward.

Step 10: Redeem Your Reward

To redeem your reward, visit the McDonald’s restaurant where you received your original receipt. Present the receipt with the validation code to the cashier, and you’ll receive your reward, which may include a discount, free menu items, or other special offers.

Other Resources.

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  1. I used do survey’s but the last two times I have gone the survey code is hard to read its not clear which prevents me from doing a survey..

  2. I was in the Mc Donalds on Broad Street on October 12, 2023, I ordered a Double cheeseburger and I paid for a Double Cheeseburger, But I received a single cheeseburger. The Code that I received did not work. here is the code. 24327-02491-01223-11476-00031-7

  3. My receipt is still valid only the survey says its not the correct number??
    This is a lot of wasted time to take this survey. My objective here is to leave my response about the poor quality of your food product control and the poor service we received of more cold, rubbish food.

  4. Stop erasing my comment my dogs love your cheeseburgers I get three of them a day I don’t eat cheeseburgers

  5. We love McDonald’s even know my dogs get three cheeseburgers a day from there
    At least I know what’s in cheeseburgers dog food you don’t know for sure

  6. We love our Mc Donalds here in Norway Mich. Only one issue they are not open all night, but fantastic go to breakfast lunch or dinner.

  7. My have a mobile app and order and get to the restaurant and still get parked waiting on my food. This is unacceptable. And the crew member bringing the food out shouldn’t be sticking his hands in the bag and not knowing what he is delivering to the customers in the parked cars

  8. We just visited the McDonald’s at 1425 Hwy 29 S in Newnan Georgia. We were in the drive thru a total of 16 minutes waiting for a sausage egg and cheese McGriddle and a ham egg and cheese McMuffin combo. We received a sausage egg and cheese McMuffin and a McGriddle with no sausage. The service was terrible and it took entirely too long to get what they thought we needed instead of what we actually ordered!

  9. I didn’t receive the large shake that I paid for. Completing the survey allowed me to buy one sandwich get one free. What about the shake that I paid for and did not get? Thanks but no thanks

  10. The print on the cash register receipt is so bad I can’t read all the numbers in the survey code. Therefore, after several attempts I was unable to complete the survey or receive the free item!

  11. McDonald’s Restaurant 03404 Encinitas,CA 09/06/2023 Time 19;04
    Ever since Suzy the GM left to go to Detroit, MI the quality, freshness of the food & the mgt. & crew members usual customer-oriented demeanor has waned! Why? Usually the food is hot & tasty, but tonught. The McDoubles that were ordered fresh wern’t. They were like cardboard. The French Fries were tepid & the coffee that is usually hot & very tasty was luke warm @ best. My wife & I are loyal customers of McDonald’s, but tonight our dining experience was very inexplicaly disappointing! We’ll naturally return, but this McDonald’s has done & can do better than how they performed tonight!

  12. Worst McDonald’s I have ever went to 24st vanburen in phx.az went into order lady said I have to order at the q machine I asked her to help me since I was new she said no it’s self explanation well I figured it out got my ticket and number waited 30 plus minutes to get food but nothing asked manager wheres my order I don’t see it on screen he told me to wait had cars in drive through I said I’ve been here 30 plus minutes waiting and I’m not the only one in here waiting as well he finally came to me asked for ticket gave it to him said they gave it out already I said I’m right there by window with my receipt so he rang me up again under manager meal still waiting another 15mins nothing I asked to speak to manager again said I forgot about you I’m like really an hour later he is African American long hair don’t think he knows how to run his crew every one in there where talking crap and waiting

  13. I have been going to McDonald’s forever 15 years one morale at 3844 murrel road in rockledge you have had so many different employees constantly the management is like slacking on keeping the facility clean they don’t have anyone that I’m sitting here coming out doing Windows only on certain days the only person I see that’s going out of their way that is a cook and also does maintenance for your building is Madeline she goes out of her way to make sure customers are pleased good stability and management with that individual that person should be a manager because she cares about the customers she goes out of the way you should survey yourself and come in and watch what I see I hope you’re paying her top dollar for doing the maintenance too because I used to own a business and I know by law you should do that the food I have gone through drive through so many times that I’ve had to turn around and come back in and complain my meal is not right I asked for bacon egg and cheese at a big show what happens they give me a full today then I then I asked him to make it again because it’s wrong then they forget the damn bacon I mean I’ve never seen such slight people that don’t respect their own job you also have Mackenzie that goes out of her way for customers she’s caring she is top notch as a management but if anything you need to know I’ve been going here so long and everything I have seen everything I’ve managed several restaurants I’ve owned four businesses but for me to have to come in here and waste time to have to go through the drive-thru to sometimes three times to get it right I don’t have time to waste in my life and you’re wasting food that way but go back to the courteous courtesy and the respect Madeline gives to customers caring I mean God caring that’s what you need nowadays and people that care that does their job right and make sure it’s right and Mackenzie does the same thing both of them are top-notch that’s managers you should have running the store you’ve had nothing but poor management for such a long time I’ve told Madeline that there was water on the floor she come running over there immediately to get it up so no one would fall that’s what you call someone that deserves a great position in your store if you lose money it’s because I boycotted you for 6 months because of the crap I’ve seen people so upset of having to come back through because the food wasn’t hot or the food wasn’t given to them properly the wrong food sorry I haven’t written before now but I’ve saw and watched every day I come here every day I spend money here everyday everybody knows me I’m Joan and I will out speak anyone that doesn’t have any respect for an employee but when I see something that is top-notch and if I own this McDonald’s I would be proud to have those two individuals work for me so make sure when you you realize who cares about your business because that makes you the money it’s customer care is number one food is number two and if you’re there just to make a dollar off the food you got that all wrong customer care now days is more important than anything and the food comes second because they’ll make sure number one person will make sure that food comes out right and the reason I highly recommend that you make Madeline a manager because that girl has gone out of her way to help when something is wrong she just jumps up and starts helping that’s what you call Great teamwork that person should be paid as a manager and should be a manager I ask her was she a manager she said no I said will you sure deserve it

  14. The site on San Carlos in Ft Myers #8217 has such a poor printer that you can’ t read the numbers to take the survey.

  15. No napkins, no sauce or katchup with my Daughter’s happy meal. Was not a good experience at all

  16. i came through the drive through where cherie staggs was working and she is my all time favorite worker and manager there. shes always so sweet to me and my family and gets us our food ASAP. thank you for everything

  17. Have been to McDonalds many times and enjoy eating there. Only complaint is most burgers and fries have way too much salt.

  18. I was in the restaurant business. The quality of the food is impeccable, and the service is always prompt.

  19. Yes agree with lot of the comments food is getting worse McDonalds is not caring for the elderly or handicapped we went to the McDonald’s on Randel employee said that we had to go in store to get your food told them we where handicapped but they did not care so we left and telling all your friends in how we where teated I did stop at McDonald’s in elgin then tried to fill out a survey but it would not take the 26 number code This is McDonald bad service as will the bad food now you are getting

  20. I don’t think you want opinions. I tried 3 times to take survey but unable to. Reason unknown

  21. This is about the second time in one week that they got my order wrong. Today, after I placed my order drove up to the window to pay they asked me what I ordered that was a red flag after pain I went to the second window to pick up and they were ready to give me ice tea when I ordered ice water, and then they told me to move up to the front window to await my order. When I got home I discovered that the quarter pounder with cheese I ordered only came with the bottom bun and the beef with a slice of cheese melted. That was it very bad. Don’t go to the Lodi California number 36681 store

  22. I miss the atmosphere and comfort of McDonalds on US1 in Vero Beach, FL I hardly go there any longer.I use the drive through if I have to get something.

  23. Husband spent 27.00 for breakfast items, only to get home, food items missing, even had to pull up to wait on food, no excuse, each person should be treated as paying individual, accuracy demonstrates your business. Very dissatisfied !

  24. General manager Eunice Morel of McDonald’s restaurant located at 2516 Whites Plains Road, Bronx, NY 10467 has a very poor attitude and has no empathy towards customers with special medical conditions. She should have an additional training.

  25. Recently I ordered two regular chicken sandwiches. One was fine. the other one was the toughest chicken sandwich I have EVER attempted to eat. I just threw it away as it wan not worth the effort of returning it.

  26. yesterday my wife and I came to McDonald’s and when we both went inside the door, a girl came from the front and she gave a lovely smile and said Good afternoon, then my wife asked whether we have really come to McDonald’s or to a star hotel. He took our order, then he greeted us with a lovely smile, then he arranged the table and gave us his name, I didn’t know, so we told him sweety thank you, and we were waiting for the order, so he brought the order before five minutes, then he again then give a lovely smileThen after giving a lovely smile, she said good afternoon and presented the order and she presented her name, only then I came to know that her name is Pallavi, then after some time she came to ask me, do you want anything else? Then when I looked at her a little, she came to us and asked, do you want something sir, then she went
    after seeing ketchup, we troubled her a lot, still she did not get upset, Then while leaving we were looking for her to say bye then we saw that she was greeting each and every customer as we went to her she also said bye to us and said have a great day my wife says next time we will come You will ask her so much, how can you say that too when you are completely happy? lot ofWe went to many McDonald’s but today we came to McDonald’s in Vile Parle West for the first time and we liked it very much and now we will come to McDonald’s in Vile Parle West again.
    We received very good service and special thank you Pallavi. It was nice to meet you

  27. I love the food and it’s always nice and fresh when I sit down and eat

  28. Can’t figure out what happened to McDonalds, think maybe you guys should start at the top instead of the bottom to get a good answer to that question.

  29. After reading reviews, think I’ll pass on your restaurants. Have had good luck in the past, Culver’s seems the store of choice these days. Thanks.

  30. Food was hot and fresh. Laura is always nice and professional with a smile on her face. Employees are always fast and help me with what I need.

  31. Went to McDonald’s last night at 8:32, received two apple pies that stated, “Enjoy by 6:39”. Obviously they don’t care about making people sick. I didn’t bother eating. Now I remember why I haven’t been there in five years.
    Attempted taking the survey and it wouldn’t accept my code. They lucked out, would have LOVED taking that survey. McDonald’s has gotten too big and no longer care about their customers. So sad.

  32. I have never come to this website before so I’m going to share a little story with you…a TRUE story. One Winter day it was raining but I wanted to take my son to McDonalds. So we drove to the in our neighborhood. Now I was driving a nice 1983 944 Porsche and when I drove up to the booth to order that girl in the window just sat there and didn’t do anything. My window was open, the rain getting the interior wet and I asked her, “Are you going to take my order?” she looked at me and said, “I can’t…the computer went down.” The whole computer system?” I asked, “No just this one.” I asked for the manager who amazing was behind her moving bread around on trays and not attending to the situation at hand. She was called over and I told her, “Why isn’t this lady taking my order?” then manager’s reply, “The computer is down.” I told her, “It is raining…my window is down…your employ didn’t take my order and didn’t inform me that the computer was down until I asked her. If her computer is down and the others are working…take a piece of paper…take my order and total it up with a computer that is working up front.” With a little huff the manager did just that. Then when I drove up to the second window to get our food the girl there (blonde) gave me my food and then said, “You didn’t have to be so rude!” I asked, “Rude to who?” She replied, “The girl back in the booth.” I told her, “I was upset because the girl didn’t have any “COMMON SENSE”…she asked, “WHAT’S COMMON SENSE?” I replied, “Something you don’t have either!” and I drove away.

  33. Can’t read receipt from McDonald’s at 5353 Northland Dr NE, Grand Rapids, MI. 49525. NEEDS INK & adjusting to remove crease also. Can’t do survey. Go there 3 times a week for breakfast.

  34. Hello people y’all must be proud to have such a kind girl working at overnight shift, I just loves the way she asked us about how we wanted our stuff and it surprises me one thing, it’s the first time in years that somebody (Alexis) asked me after I order a double cheeseburger, “if I want everything on my double cheese” and I was shocked, surprised because I always forget to get them plain or something out of it and I’m impressed, I just loved Alexis, I give my word that I won’t go to any other Mc Donald’s beside this one, now is my favorite thanks to her! (Her name is Alexis)

  35. I love McDonald’s because they are known for their fast service. That really helps, when you’re in a hurry!

  36. I was pleasantly surprised by the great customer service I received through the drive thru at the Georgetown location.

  37. The food was fresh and hot this is the best McDonald’s in the Atlanta on top of customer service.

  38. I came to store #24035 the Lil girl was so rude the mgr. Ms Jeanne was not there the service was badddd. Attitude horrible

  39. Good customer service, fast service, everyone is friendly and nice. Keep up the good work ????

  40. Fast service great customer service but forgets my sauces for a good eating experience

  41. Joann is one of my favorite employees at our local Bartlett area McDonald’s! She is always so friendly. She’s definitely the reason I come back as often as I do! That and the food is ALWAYS fresh. I’m always in and out with no problems!

  42. Antonio was of exellentt service ! Very very happy with his customer service !

  43. The person that took our order was RUDE!!! I asked for an Oreo McFlurry and she said “WE DON’T HAVE OREO MCFLURRIES!”

  44. I was highly dissatisfied with the service at the McDonald’s on Lawyers road (26112). The staff was so busy complaining about customer in the drive through they were neglecting clients waiting in the lobby. Not to mention the conversations they were having behind the counter were unprofessional.

  45. My favorite McDonalds! The staff! Ms dina is awsome. She always take care of me and makes the BEST coffee lol i literally cant go without it. Keep up the work

  46. My rewards has not worked for several days. Today I finally got it to work on a large coffee for .99. When the cashier rung it up, I was not able to use it because I was ordering from the menu that EVERYONE can get, being the 2/4.69 breakfast sandwiches!!! She said anytime there is a promotion, I cannot order from my deals. THAT IS REDICULOUS!!!! You either want to give your faithful patrons rewards or you don’t. I’m guessing you don’t & that is very sad because my husband eats there every day. So sorry McD is becoming so greedy.

  47. Couple of days ago I came through the drive thru a rude lady who later I found her name was gracie she was rude and didn’t cut her mic off and was talking shit about me so rude no good customer service

  48. Ayo the food is always good when I come so the people complaining want a free coupon or something. This is fast food not a five star restaurant

  49. I love McDonald’s frappes. I also love Etta, she is the most pleasant lady and she makes my day. She is definitely an asset to McDonald’s. Thank you for Etta. I wish everyone could be as sweet and kind as this precious lady.

  50. They are so rude, I order 6 pcs spicy nuggets I get 4 I go back and the lady on the front counter start doing ugly face she don’t said sorry or something she only walk away!!!! They don’t know how to read the screen!!!!

  51. We were greeted with rudeness as we pulled up to the 1st window at this McDonald’s in Encino #2203

    As we were going over the order, the woman at the front (possibly one of the 3 Managers whose name is Maria) rudely repeated the order but failed to acknowledge my husbands clarification of one of the McCrispys to be a SPICY one. The woman appeared irritated & replied with the words “uh huh” while rushing my husband to for the payment.

    When we went to the 2nd window to pick up the bag of food, we were so angered by the way we were treated & drove away too quickly to check that the bag was missing the Non Spicy McCrispy chicken sandwich.

    We hope that in the future, customers are not treated so rudely. I still can’t believe that this happened in
    McDONALDS #2203
    15700 Ventura Blvd
    Encino, Ca. 91436

  52. Had to wait over 10 mins! Fries were darker brown and still cold! My Quarter Deluxe was so overloaded with mayo, it was disgusting. Plus it looked the burger had been thrown into the container. Hubby asked for no cheese on his double quarter, of course there was cheese! The only good thing was the ice tea!

  53. Such a lovely Sunday ???? greeted with big, bright smiles by Janice & her co-workers made my day even better . Exceptional service & food tasty as always ❤️
    Thank you , Deb (Briteone)

  54. My morning breakfast crew are the best in the Paducah,Ky area!!! Good job Meghan, Mark, & Drew!!!

  55. Very well happy with the gentleman behind the cashier he’s very respectful. They rest of the crew is disrespectful

  56. Terrible service every time I come here and every time there is a rude little girl passing out the food and got my order wrong I will never come to this one ever again

  57. Janeisha what very polite and made sure my order was correct before just sending me off very much appreciated

  58. Horrible service. Stay away from this place. It smells like someone took a dump in the place.

  59. Every time I walk into this place to enjoy it’s menu. I notice Carlos does his best to please customers either in the drive in and/or inside. Very helpfull and polite.Such a great asset for the company. Happy with his customer service.

  60. The McMuffins were terrible. It was as though they had been laying there for awhile. They were hard and burnt in spots.

  61. The McDonald’s in Yuba City refused to honor the buy 1 get 1 free offer from the survey, stating that their receipts don’t have that and they do not participate.

  62. Shout out to Jacob! He’s such a sweetheart! Every time I come threw the drive threw he always puts a smile on my face. He deserves this shout out because he is one of a kind. Hard worker, kind hearted, humble person, and etc.. You Jacob deserve the same energy you put out that McDonald’s drive through window. Always so kind and sweet. You as well deserve to be treated the same kindness you give out. I hope you have a wonderful night 🙂

  63. I ordered a quarter pounder without cheese. They put cheese on top of the hamburger and on the bottom of the hamburger. I didn’t know if it came with cheese or not but I specifically asked for NO cheese whatsoever. Was not very happy. I can not eat that kind of cheese.

  64. First time in Atlantic City…. How do you put a crispy chicken filet in a fish sandwich?! Ridiculous

  65. 13146 Florida Blvd, BR, LA 70819 Horrible and Very slow! I have to re-do my order twice and they got it wrong. I asked both sandwich’s with cheese. First time manager told me they asked me if I wanted with cheese (was even specify on my receipt). They back with cheese just in one sandwich ????‍♂️. I was tired and I left. Not just the double mistake but also the actitud ! Someone has to go check this location

  66. In the Vegas heat sitting in the car is so hot actually like eating in the store but can’t buy my favorite items in the store without using mobil app.

  67. Sad to see many items can not be gotten in the store. two things – like to eat in the store and don’t like to put my credit card in the app. Our drive through line is so long it cost so much gas too.

  68. I stop every morning and Tony greets me with a great hello and takes my order , this Mcdonalds has the nicest people working there the girls are
    great always smiling and i have dealt with Stefan there also another great guy like Tony. Itry to get all my food from this store

  69. I will never visit this McDonald’s again they are slow and unprofessional and food was cold

  70. Waited on smoothie machine to get fixed for our second smoothie.. until finally the girl making the fries asked what we where waiting for .. they fixed it but ewww we had cold fries

  71. I ordered dine in and the food wasn’t brought out to me. It was also in a bag, but the McDouble was good

  72. I visited the Mc. Donald on 2755 SR 7
    You guys have 2 workers Tanya and Tanica
    They are always smiling and polite to the customers
    Pleasant workers.

  73. They made my food with love and the mangagers helped me out really well felt loved

  74. Has great customer services and very nice employees food is great kids enjoy playing here in the playhouse

    1419 W Redondo Beach Blvd, Gardena, CA 90247

  75. My fries was so cold the manager was on duty was doing her job yelling to the employees in the back everyone can them don’t need to hear them eating out in the dinner room instead the breakroom

  76. Asked for a small water cup was told it was a dollar, then was told we could get a senior drink for half price but was charged $1.19 for a small drink but we only wanted a small water. This is a ripoff! I can see paying a dime for the cost of a cup!

  77. I loved there McDonald it was a nice young lady named MaKenzie and she helped me and had a big smile on her face I really felt welcome, I am definitely coming back.

  78. Should be able to speak English if you work at window twenty five dollars is a lot to spend on cold fries 3/4 full containers

  79. The drive-through at this location gets disgusting more and more. Please pay attention to your drive through windows outside lots of spills and gross to look at when you’re picking up your food out the window this area needs to be power, hosed, or taken more care of.

  80. This continues to be the dirtiest McDonald’s I ever go to. Tables are dirty. Floor is dirty. I believe this is an independently owned but you better check it out. The one booth is torn. Bathroom is disgusting. This place has been horrible for years. Tear it down and put in a corporate owned McDonalds. Those of us in Newbury Park California deserve better than this!!!

  81. This time my experience was much better and enjoyable. Nice to see this location is remodeled.

  82. Great service today! .99 cents coffee. I noticed this place is remodeled, since last time I was here.

  83. Chicken that was used on the sandwich was super dry and they didn’t even give me the 10 piece I ordered. Week before it was the chocolate milk I didn’t get. When I called I was told by Austin mistakes happen!

  84. The food was good and the staff was very nice and our food was still warm when we got it.

  85. McDonald’s Mobile by the mall on government street! Rude rude rude! Where is the management ? Why do they tolerate rude employees.? Burger King is even ruder- and look what’s happening with them! Your next if you don’t teach your employees some manners!

  86. I’ve gone to McDonald’s since a kid. The last two visits the orders were wrong. Ordered double hamburgers with no ketchup got single hamburgers with just ketchup and cold. The next visit cold fish sandwich and cold fries. Second time told them and said it happens?!

  87. Bestie and I came for lunch and the food was absolutely amazing! The staff were friendly and everything was so clean and fresh.

  88. happy to see that Renee was at your establishment, every thing was ship shape there for i cast a vote for her

  89. The service was great! One of the younger workers Gabby was very sweet and helped a lot

  90. DESTINY IS AMAZING!! she is always so sweet when we come through. she is one of our favorite workers

  91. McDonalds coffee is so good. I always look forward to it . Their French fries are still the best . My favorite, though is the fillet of fish sandwich !

  92. I love the store. Every time I come to the drive-through and the lobby I have great service and it’s really fast.

  93. My nuggets were very fresh even though I could tell they were short staffed so I had a great experience Ashley I think her name was help me gracefully with a big smile on her face! ❤️

  94. The speed was excellent but the quality of the food was terrible. Sandwiches fell apart and were cold. Fries were only 3/4 full

  95. was done with my burger and went to fill my drink again on my way stopped and was talking with a neighbor and they cleaned my table with my garbage on it and my cell phone. I didn’t think about my cell phone being on the table but when I got home reach in my pocket to get it and it was there, I called and the girl ask me to tell me the model and I did and see said it is here, There was only 4 people in there at the time, Maybe if you cut down on the number of kids working you could take care of the customers instead of a group of kids having fun,

  96. Been coming to McDonalds my whole life. I’ve always loved it! But lately the service is abysmal. Specifically we go to the Greenfield and New Palestine, IN locations. It is not uncommon to wait over 20 minutes for simple orders (Dbl cheeseburger, Lg Fries, Lg Coke today). This would be bad enough, but the staff apparently doesn’t care about the food quality either. Today no pickles no mustard, the burger not stacked coming apart, fries were warm, but not fresh. The drink station and the dining room are not clean. I tried to use the survey and it won’t let me in with the code from my receipt! I love McDonalds! Its always been so reliable! Please bring it back to food and efficient kind service that I grew up with! It has become unacceptable!! Thank you.

  97. I am surprised to learn that Mcdonalds limits the use of the surveys to 5 per month. That is absolutely insane. I go to Mcdonal often because my family like the food and it is reasonably priced. I go on the internet and answer the survey, then get two for one on my next visit. This is excellent for Seniors like myself on a limited budget. The plan is excellent when I want to treat my grand kids with a few dollars. It also make future clients of McDonald for my grandchildren. Hope Mcdonald’s will reconsider this practice of limiting the surveys to five a month.

  98. After seeing so many come inside after getting the it meal from drive thru, I’ll always go inside to order if possible. With the long d-thru lines, I really am not surprised.

  99. Un servicio muy malo es mi tercera ves q compro en el Macdonald de la 1660 Venice # 25642 y es un servicio de mala calidad. Te hacen esperar más de 10 minutos aun lado por tu orden les pides salsa y solo te dan una y el personal nada de amabilidad. Si tú estás pidiendo algo no importa si te lo cobran su respodabilidad del personal es dar buena antencion al costumer. Para eso estás pagando y pidiendo lo q necesitas.

  100. Always get served with hot sandwich, freshly brewed Senior McCoffee and courteous service.

  101. Who ever made the sweet tea around my arrival time made the best sweet I’ve ever had from McDonald’s

  102. Went to the Lake Forest,CA location- ordered a 1 Qtr Ponder-Charged $5.69 plus tax- Usually $2.49 on a Monday- Ripoff of a price- food was greasy and put together like no one really cared…No more McDonalds for this man.Garbage!!!!!!!

  103. When goining through Drive up window last night we were told that we cant get icecream cones or sundays any more because they no longer serve any icecream. Location main street barstow ca . Are the new slushy flavors a replacement?

  104. This happened at McDonalds on Broad Street ext Sumter SC . I stopped to get a breakfast sandwich for me and my son, I ordered sausage and egg McMuffin and bacon egg and cheese biscuit, what happened is they me 3 bacon egg and cheese biscuit, I don’t eat their biscuit. So I had to pick my son up from work at 1:30 so decided to take it back at that time . I pulled up to drive thru and was told I should have called first and also I needed to talk with someone first , they wouldn’t give me a refund , so I said I’m not moving my vehicle until I get my refund, so I finally got my refund, but in the process McDonalds manager called law enforcement on me got pulled over with blue lights flashing, how embarrassing and humiliating this for me . I’m a unemployed disabled vet, all I wanted was a refund,

  105. Tried to ask for an extra spoon at the drive thru after getting my order and was told “nah, the line is to long you got to go back around.” Door was slammed on me immediately after. Wasnt given a straw for my drink. Wasnt even asked for what sauce I want. I dont drive in looking for stellar service or anything but not expecting bad customer service either.

  106. Forgot my straws. My hot chocolate tasted plain and no whipped cream like asked and then they shut the window when I was waiting for my s.c. pies and were confused on why I was still there. The pies were amazing but the service wasn’t all too good- hugoton, ks

  107. ordered 3 – 10 piece mcnugget meals large & they left off one of the fries,other than that service was good.

  108. I love see tia when l come to McDonald’s everything was great include her smile

  109. I like the customer service, this one lady great attitude her name is Felix, she had such a positive vibe. And I will be going again.

  110. My boyfriends an I had pulled up to the speaker in the second lane. Young lady over speaker said we could order, we asked for a second to figure out what we wanted. As soon as we went to go speak she was taking another order. We sat an waited for her to be done. As soon as we said we were ready she was taking two other orders in first lane. 4 cars had there orders taken before we could even order our simple small order. After we cashed out was asked to pull up an wait an had to wait 10 more minutes for 2 large fries. Worst service I have had at any McDonald’s.

  111. I ordered a buttermilk chicken biscuit. The middle of the chicken breast was not done . I had to double check and see if this was really real so I bit it one more time and I realize I was not hallucinating . Then I smelled it and got really sick .

    1. You write the letters too small to enter they should be bigger to see I have a hard time reading them and ther a site beside voice iam going to try again

  112. I received horrible service. GAve me wrong order 3 times. 2nd time my order was brought to my car, it was wrong again. Gave me a extra cheeseburger. Brought rest of order out the 3rd time. Girl said your not getting your double until you hand me the plain one back. She took burger from out of my bag in my truck, then handed me the burger I ordered. In other words, got my order brought out to me 3 different times. Wrong food all 3 times. Plus took one out of my truck back. During Corona virus now! Horrible service. Unsanitary. Will not go to this location again!

  113. Yesterday I went to McDonald’s for a simple coffee because I have not been out of the house in 2 months and all I wanted was a coffee from McDonald. I went through the line twice no one would give me the coffee, they send me to the parking lot to wait for it. After an hour I walked to the window and told them I just come from the hospital now you want me to walk in after waiting for one hour in the parking lot. So I told them give me my money I don’t feel like having it no more. I was so upset to see how you treated your elderly

    2532 Cuthbertson rd
    Waxhaw NC 28173

    1. I bring my Granchildren to the Mcdonald’s at 9210 Midlothian Turnpike ever Tuesday after school. The service and the tables are getting worse week over week. The tables are dirty. This time the manaus working on a schedule in lobby and the cashier working the drive thru tells me to order with the kisko. I leave and man work is in behind me and see from car she is serving him. She tells me that is not her job when ask why did she not wait on me. A manager from the back comes out and tells me that my concerns are not valid. This is my last time in this Mcdonald’s. Your employees need to be trained and taught custyserbive skills.

  114. I was happy with my service and food. Thank you for the healthcare worker free meals!

    1. Always good have you thought about offering a smokehouse taste.?
      On your big Mac I put Bob Big Boy seasoning on it and it makes your big Mac taste just like Bob’s Big Boy yummy!

      1. There are no clean tables here. I ordered from the screen and not one person talked to me. McDonald’s used to be kind of a community place. Perhaps I not here at the right time 12:45pm Hawaii) but this place is kind of “dead”.

    2. They parked me when they brought out the door the fries where cold asked for fresh fries they evidently had to turn around and literally put the same fries back in bag upon arrival home nothing was fresh so I don’t no what we where parked for got home and had order happy meals one had apples the others had just fries ? This of course made the kids only had fries and one with apples.one happy meal was ordered with ice tea because of allergies.very dis appointed after spending $30. Plus dollars. Very upset and highly upset

    3. I went through the whole process and my phone went dead right before I could write down the code at the end. Of course it wasn’t there anymore when I turned my phone back on and I’ve tried retaking the survey but now they are asking for credit card numbers and more personal life information.im very disappointed with this company now.

    1. My boyfriend and I got the triple cheeseburgers, and they were excellent! Hot, fresh and buns were fresh.

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