www.mcdvoice.com within 7 days Code

How long do I have to fill out the McDvoice Survey with a Code? (Go to www.mcdvoice.com within 7 days).
How long do I have to claim my McDvoice survey price with a validation code?
Can I write any survey code on my receipt?

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www.mcdvoice.com within 7 days Code – Does the McDvoice code expire?

Does the McdVoice survey code on my receipt expire?

Yes, the McDonals Survey code on your receipt expire within 7 days. You must visit www.mcdvoice.com within 7 days and fill out the survey. That is maximum 7 days after you make your purchase at a McDonalds restaurant.

www mcdvoice com within 7 days receipt
As, you can see on this McDonalds receipt, you should go to www mcdvoice com within 7 days, and hand in the Validation Code within 30 days.

www.mcdvoice.com claim within 30 days – Does the McDvoice Validation code expire?

After you fill out the McDvoice survey, you will get a 7 digit ‘McDvoice Validation Code’. Write this validation code on your receipt and hand it to a McDonalds employee to get a discount on your next purchase, or to get a free McFlurry, small fries or a Buy-One-Get-One-Free Quarter Pounder with cheese offer, depending on the current McDvoice promotion.

Does the McdVoice Validation Code expire?

Yes, the McDonalds Survey Validation Code expires 30 days after you fill out and finish the McDvoice survey. So, in essence, the moment you finish the survey, you have 30 days to claim your free menu item, or a discounted burger. It is a clever way to ensure that customers come back again and again.

Can I ‘make up’ a McDonalds Validation code?

The McDonalds Validation code is a 7 digit code, that follows certain rules. There is no ‘McDonalds Validation Code Generator’ out there, but it is fairly easy to make up a code that will be valid. I have written about the McDvoice Validation Code rules on the McdVoice homepage. I have also made a list of examples of survey codes on this McDonalds Survey code page

According to several McDonalds employees on public forums, the employees do not have a central database to check the Validation Code against, unless they have updated the system recently. But the code must adhere to certain rules, which are easy to follow.

Most employees do not actually check the code, but just push the button that release the coupon or discount. But I cannot guarantee that this will work in your case. It is probably easier just to fill out the survey as intended, as it only takes 5 minutes.

NOTE: Not all McDonalds locations print an actual offer to redeem on your receipt. Yes, you can write the McDonald’s Validation code code on there, but if there is no offer or deal printed on the receipt, then there is nothing to redeem. The McDonald’s employee may still give you a free item, just do not be surprised if they don’t give you anything. If you ask nicely, they will sometime just give you an item that is cheaper than the most expensive item on your receipt.

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