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  1. The receipts Never are readable. There is NO way to complete survey when you guessing at 26 numbers.
    I called the 800 number and of course they can’t help. They say take receipt back to store and ask them to reprint. What a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. We cannot take the survey because you dont have the new store on line yet. So I can’t get a validation code
    Please advise.

  3. Some stores are only accepting the survey reward if its the same store. If traveling across the state or USA, you may never come back to the=at same store within the allowed time frame. This is a wasted reward if you travel. Mc D Corporations should make it be accepted at any store.

  4. I am having trouble taking the survey as the receipt machine needed ink and I can”t read the numbers. We have stopped in the Angola, Indiana McDonalds for a long time, at least 17 years and unfortunately not much as changed . We ordered chicken mcnuggets and they were cold, looked old, and didn’t taste good. The floors are very slippery in the store as well as the restrooms, we were told this type of flooring is easier to clean. We tried ordiering with the kioks but it would not complete our order. It wouild only allow us to order drinks and not mcnuggets. It was hard to get an associate to help us.

    We won’t be stopping here again or will be recommending to anyone.

  5. Several of us from Charlotte NC stopped at store #19597 – 2211 Sterling St, Morganton, NC and were overwhelmed by the great food and service there! It was beyond the kind of service you’d expect in an upscale restaurant!!!

    We’d like you to send a compliment to all who were working there Friday, October 13, 2023@ 1:30.

    By the way , you do not make it easy to send compliments . that is some corporate should work on!

  6. My Friday the 13th certainly came true for me buying food at your McDonalds. I bought a Quarter Pounder w cheese meal, the sandwich was cold & looked as if it had been thrown together from a distance, meat was way overcooked, French fries were also cold, the best part of the meal was the ice cold diet coke. Actually most of it had to be thrown away except the coke.

    What a bad experience!!

    Sue Wiley

  7. McDonalds never responded to my voice comments about your McDonalds Restaurant on:

    14850 Victory Blvd
    Van Nuys, CA
    818 997-8120

    I hate to complain. However, this is a very credible observation about your McDonalds at the above location. And I have your own employees (a manager there as well!) to verify my thoughts on the situation I have now faced with I believe a McDonald’s corporate manager at this location. His name is Abraham last name unknown. He must be of Indian/Pakistani origin. His behavior is horrible & absolutely disgraceful! He has harassed me 3 times now as well as other patrons at this location. I feel with me it most definitely can be interpreted as racial discrimination.
    Background: I have been coming to this location since approx. 2010 & I know that I have used more condiments that I should have nevertheless you have meet fantastic employees here. Remember the T.V. show “Cheers?” The atmosphere was like that where the show’s slogan was “where everybody knows your name”. Meaning it had a truly “family atmosphere” where people can eat & relax & have an enjoyable time.
    Now Abraham recently comes along & I guarantee McDonald’s will lose $money$ from this guy & where Abraham could possibly even leave you or this franchise open for a discrimination lawsuit as I alluded to in the above.
    Abraham literally appears to count the actual time a person or group is in the the restaurant & if they are there over a half hour he actually kicks you out. You have a notice to that effect if someone hangs around I guess without making any purchase or if you are super crowded. But this should be used in only extreme cases. But this guy Abraham is literally DESTROYING your loyal customer base, There is a morning church group that comes in after I believe every morning service & if he is doing it to them I don’t know as I am working then then you are REALLY going to lose BIG MONEY. When I am here in there afternoon everyone- the customers look at themselves in disbelief as Abraham comes over to them kicking them out. Abraham CANNOT see the fields from the forest from your loitering sign. It should be used in extreme cases.

    Misery does NOT love company:

    As your customers leave DISGUSTED when ABRAHAM tells them to leave!
    I am usually one of the only caucasian customers in this neighborhood. I am certainly not perfect but I firmly believe in racial equality for all. But why does Abraham pick on me first before the other customers asking them to leave or not at all when it appears that they are here for the same amount of time as myself.? It could definitely be interpreted as discrimination.

    One day I came & was here about 10 Minutes & Abraham came up & reminded me that I can’t stay here longer than 30 minutes. As a customer I am not doing him favor but he acts like it! Is Abraham new to management???

    I asked your employees about ABRAHAM & why is he so so rude?

    I swear 3 employees who I have seen chit-chatted with for a long, long time say that they ALL can’t stand Abraham. This is not a lie.

    Bottom line Abraham has to change instantly change his approach with customers & employees alike. If he does great. IF not you will LOOSE MONEY here & could be open to some big headaches with this individual. He just doesn’t appear to be a people person in the least. He seems that he would be a better account or computer person or the like.

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