McDVOICE – McDonalds Survey

McDVOICE – McDonalds Survey.

Complete the McDonalds Survey at to receive a coupon for a free hamburger, Big Mac, fries or drink, for your time.

The McDVOICE customer satisfaction survey takes just 2 minutes to fill out.

To begin the survey, go through these simple steps:

Start the McDonalds Survey Now.

  1. Go to  website.
  2. Enter you 26-Digit Survey Code found on your McDonalds receipt. If you cannot find the Code, click on the blue “If you do not have a 26-digit printed on your receipt, click here” link, and then fill out the store details.
  3. Click on “Start”.
  4. Answer all the questions, with honesty.
  5. After answering all the questions, you will see a Validation Code on the screen.
  6. Write down the Validation Code. If you don’t write it down now, or take a photo of it, your coupon will not be valid.
  7. Present your receipt and the validation code at your nearest McDOnalds restaurant for a free burger, fries, drink or milkshake.
mcdvoice mcdonalds survey
McDVOICE – On the START screen, enter your Survey Code, and click on “Start”.


Mcdvoice Con – Take the McDonalds Guest Satisfation Survey – 2020-2022.

33 thoughts on “McDVOICE – McDonalds Survey

  1. ordered 3 – 10 piece mcnugget meals large & they left off one of the fries,other than that service was good.

  2. Forgot my straws. My hot chocolate tasted plain and no whipped cream like asked and then they shut the window when I was waiting for my s.c. pies and were confused on why I was still there. The pies were amazing but the service wasn’t all too good- hugoton, ks

  3. Tried to ask for an extra spoon at the drive thru after getting my order and was told “nah, the line is to long you got to go back around.” Door was slammed on me immediately after. Wasnt given a straw for my drink. Wasnt even asked for what sauce I want. I dont drive in looking for stellar service or anything but not expecting bad customer service either.

  4. This happened at McDonalds on Broad Street ext Sumter SC . I stopped to get a breakfast sandwich for me and my son, I ordered sausage and egg McMuffin and bacon egg and cheese biscuit, what happened is they me 3 bacon egg and cheese biscuit, I don’t eat their biscuit. So I had to pick my son up from work at 1:30 so decided to take it back at that time . I pulled up to drive thru and was told I should have called first and also I needed to talk with someone first , they wouldn’t give me a refund , so I said I’m not moving my vehicle until I get my refund, so I finally got my refund, but in the process McDonalds manager called law enforcement on me got pulled over with blue lights flashing, how embarrassing and humiliating this for me . I’m a unemployed disabled vet, all I wanted was a refund,

  5. When goining through Drive up window last night we were told that we cant get icecream cones or sundays any more because they no longer serve any icecream. Location main street barstow ca . Are the new slushy flavors a replacement?

  6. Went to the Lake Forest,CA location- ordered a 1 Qtr Ponder-Charged $5.69 plus tax- Usually $2.49 on a Monday- Ripoff of a price- food was greasy and put together like no one really cared…No more McDonalds for this man.Garbage!!!!!!!

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